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Dear readers,

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It has been a month since SpinAdventures was created and we would like to know what you think of the site as it evolves.

You have responded to a new type of bike blog on the landscape, one that is on the cusp of reaching 1,000 views.

The idea for the blog, created by journalist and adventure cyclist Michael Collier, has been to reach diverse audiences in the vast community of cyclists in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond with blog posts exploring the crossroads of nature and our inner selves.

In short, something like the Zen of long-distance cycling.

The posts to date have covered the issues of life transitions (Bridges, past and present), death (Rise up!), new life (Racing to renewal) and the subconscious state of near bliss (In the flow).

Besides those blogs, we have posted pieces with different themes — a review of  the new documentary film about Lance Armstrong (The Armstrong Lie) and a quote from Chris Horner after he became the oldest person to win the Vuelta race in Spain.

Thanks for reading and for your suggestions for how this blog can improve.

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