3 thoughts on “You Devil: See you next year

  1. Loved your post in SFGate today. I am an avid cyclist as well, although not quite as hardcore as you. The bottom line is that cycling pushes us to new levels and makes us stronger mentally and physically. It takes a special breed to want to suffer. Especially you double riders! Ride on… Denise

  2. Good article. I road the DMD that day as well, that is me in the red pirate Jersey. Was the ride with the 70 miles of head winds the 2012 Solvang Double by chance? I rode that ride, and it was not much fun until the last rest stop… I had 2 cup of noodles, 2 mtn dews, and various other foods that gave me the boost I needed to finish.

    Sounds like you may be riding the Davis double? If so, see you there!

  3. I was looking for your email address after reading your DMD tale in the Chronicle. This will have to do.
    It was great to see your story, and so many photos, of the event. I was amazed how parallel our experiences are. I too am a Triple Crown rider, with about as many doubles as you. I finished DMD in 2012, but this year punched out 6 miles sooner than you did. It made me crazy, so last week I went back and rode the last 56 miles. I’m calling it a non-calendar DMD finish.
    This year the wind and cold made it unbelievably harder than before. One friend finished at 23 hours, the other made it to about where you did.
    I don’t know know if you are amused by other folks tales from rides you did, but just in case, here are my blog posts on this years DMD and my make-up ride.

    In any event, look for me and say Hello on some future double. And nice article!

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