“Michael was helpful and realistic. Our goal was for me to complete Ride the Rockies, not to complete it particularly fast. We started with an assessment of my capabilities. After an initial ride together he developed a training plan, which included more riding each week than I had hitherto been doing. The plan included a lot of riding in the hills and some focus on more speed. And what happened on RTR? I found myself at the back of the peloton just about every day, but I was never in any discomfort. The greatest benefit from my work with Michael was his steady encouragement. He was confident that I could achieve the goal of completing RTR. It was helpful to have him on my team.” — Phil Morton, Berkeley, CA.

Michael Collier at the lunch stop during the 2013 Chico Wildcat Century (110 miles).

Michael Collier at the lunch stop during the 2013 Chico Wildcat Century (110 miles).

 Michael Collier, a certified USA Cycling Level 3 coach, specializes in training plans for intermediate-level cyclists in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. His clients are passionate about taking their level of cycling skills, performance — and sheer breathtaking fun — to a higher level. Common goals for students are to crack into the ultra-distance realm by completing a first century ride (100 miles) or longer rides such as double centuries (200 miles) brevets (as far as 750 miles) and multi-day stage rides such as Ride the Rockies or STP (Seattle to Portland).

Prerequisites:  1) A professionally fitted road bike, and 2) regular practice of core-strengthening exercises, either in a class or the equivalent at home. (I can help you find a class if you desire. Routines must work the whole body, emphasizing paired muscles, flexibility and strength, plus abs and lower back, hamstrings and quads, shoulders, upper back and neck.

Individual rates: $250 for the initial consultation, plus $150 a month for personalized training plans tailored to help you realize your goals.

Contact: 415-298-2739


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